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We can turn your overheads into a fantastic investment

If you are interested in reducing your energy bills, generating an income and stabilising your overheads – eco energy smart Ltd. can offer the solutions which allow you to achieve this whilst doing your bit for the environment and reducing CO2.

Everyone at eco energy smart Ltd. is passionate about renewable energy. Our dedicated team of technical and professional staff aims to give you the best possible advice on choosing which renewable energy products or technology is right for you, your property or your business,.

Find out how we can help or book your free feasibility survey with one of our renewable energy experts by clicking info@ecoenergysmart.co.uk or calling 0800 0935 174.

Take control of your bills!

By making simple yet effective changes to your energy system, we can help you save a potential 40 pence in every £1 you spend. That's an enormous gain. Even better, the government's Feed In Tariff scheme allows you to be paid by your energy supplier for the energy you generate with these systems- even if you use the energy yourself! For enquiries on our solar panel and biomass heating installation services, call our Rotherham team today on 0800 0935 174.

Experience & quality

We are qualified electricians and heating engineers, with more than twenty years experience in the industry. We have completed hundreds of successful renewable energy installations across the UK, and promise to find you the best solution for your particular location and requirements. We strive to maintain the highest professional standards and take our time to ensure every job is done properly. You can trust eco energy smart Ltd. when it comes to renewable energy!

Our service guarantee

We are unique in that we do not employ any sales staff. This means you won't be pressured with a sales pitch, but can discuss your energy needs with a qualified and knowledgeable tradesman instead. You can be assured that we will find the most reliable and effective system for you, without any 'hard sell'. To find out more about our biomass heaters and other bespoke services, call our Rotherham team today on 0800 0935 174. We look forward to your call!

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